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New USDA Guidelines Lower Pork Cooking Temperature


Prior to 1970 pork consumption in the US was dropping yearly at pork had a reputation of being too fat to be a healthy meat choice. Realizing that this was bad for business the US pork producers took steps to change the genetics, breeding and feeding of pigs in order to produce a leaner, healthier protein source. Their efforts proved successful so much so that their next step was to lobby the USDA and ask that they test and eventually reduce the required cooking time for pork because people were overcooking the pork and getting a very dry tasteless meat using the old standards. . ...


Prisco's Shout Out

Let's support Earth Day all year simply be thinking more about what we eat.


We just celebrated Earth Day this past Sunday and hopefully you were aware of it’s coming and took some steps to help support our mother Earth that day and plan to continue to do so in the future As I was reading something recently related to the Earth Day events taking place globally two food related topics came to mind that I thought appropriate to pass along to our customers since we are of coarse an environmentally responsible food retailer

One topic relates to the sustainable benefits that can be derived from eating more organically grown or produced foods. In order to conserve precious resources and reverse the negative effects of greenhouse gasses ...