Prisco’s Family Market

1108 Prairie Street, Aurora, IL 60506 | 630-264-9400

Hours: Monday - Friday, 7 am to 9 pm | Saturday, 7 am to 8 pm | Sunday, 8 am to 7 pm

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1/22/17 - 1/28/17

Bai Infusion Drinks

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Driscoll's Raspberries

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The Prisco’s Difference

The freshest and best quality available for competitive prices provided with exceptional customer service.

Voted Aurora’s Best Deli and Best Grocery Store for 2014 by readers of Downtown Auroran.

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It's an unfortunate fact that ingredient-limited diets, especially those programs that require reducing carbohydrate intake, can be highly unpleasant for beginners. In many cases you're required to sacrifice most if not all of your favorite foods, leaving you feeling both hungry and miserable. However, it's important to stay the course even if you experience some discomfort. Don't let the initial side effects of a low carbohydrate diet stop you from eating healthy. Once you are over the hump and your body begins to adapt, you will find yourself feeling much better...


Prisco's Shout Out

Food trends we will be watching closely in 2017


One of the things that my sister Jacquie and I enjoy doing is reading through the food magazines to see what new food ideas are coming down the pike. We often find ourselves chuckling at some of the concepts that start on either the East or West coast, or the hipster pockets like Santa Fe, Bolder, and Portland.


The majority of these trends -- or more precisely, fads -- never make it to our stodgier Midwest before fading off into the sunset of "interesting moments in food"...