Prisco’s is a family market, run by our family to serve your family. That being the case, we operate at all times in a family-friendly environment where food safety, quality, and wholesome nutrition are foremost in our thinking. We will, of course, offer items that are not always what the doctor ordered, like sweets, soda, fried foods, etc., but we always make certain that “junk food,” as it’s commonly referred to, is offset by a greater offering of tasty, good-for-you alternatives. The choice is left to you.

Justin Hill
Justin Hill, Beer and Wine Expert

We feel the same way about our two adult beverage departments, beer and wine. We offer an excellent selection of low to moderately priced wines in all varietals under hundreds of labels, and encourage shoppers to ask questions about the best wines to pair with whatever meal they are planning. Our in-house beer and wine expert is Justin Hill, so please don’t hesitate to stop him and make any special requests, or ask his recommendation on what will pair best with that beef tenderloin sitting in your shopping cart!

Whether you want a couple of 12 packs for poker night, a case of your friends’ favorite German Pilsner, or you are looking for a short brew seasonal craft beer from your favorite local brew house, you will find what you need and so much more in our large beer section. For a more detailed look at the over 800 varieties of beer that we carry, check out our beer menu.