We cater to special dietary needs
Specialty foods are commonplace at Prisco's
We offer over 200 spices, blends & herbs
Tea & Coffee - Great assortment from around the world
Dan Ybarra
Dan, Grocery Manager

Prisco’s has always been a neighborhood market serving all the grocery needs of the community, and nothing is going to change that.

If you were to go back 90 years to when Andy’s great-grandparents first opened a store in the lower floor of their home, you’d find that they only carried a few hundred items; yet they were considered a full line grocer. Things have changed dramatically since 1926, and people’s needs and tastes seem to change faster every year.

Dave Michaels
Dave, Store Manager

It is the job of Dan and Dave to constantly review the items that our store carries to be certain that we eliminate those that are no longer in demand, and replace them with fresh new items that today’s shoppers are seeking.

Currently, the grocery department is in the process of doing a major product upgrade. Our goal is to create mini power categories within the center of our store where Prisco’s Family Market will stock less in the way of multiple sizes or repetitive brands, but much more in the way of real variety. Once complete, this product upgrade will provide a vast assortment of new items, many locally grown and produced, and which are available exclusively at our store.