COVID-19 Easter Update

Dear Friends,

Happy Easter to all! We wanted to keep you informed of changes we are experiencing!


We will be open Friday 04/10 from 7am-6pm, Saturday 04/11 from 7am-6pm, CLOSED Easter Sunday 04/12/20.

Employee Safety

As we learn more about the transmission of the virus, we continue to adapt to guidelines and recommendations from the CDC and Kane County Health Department. We want to remind everyone:

  • Please keep a social distance of 6 feet.
  • Masks are permitted and recommended by the CDC.
  • Please limit the handling of cash.

Inventory and Pickup/Delivery Service

The supply chain is starting to fill again, slowly but gaining. Thank you for patience as we work on acquiring more goods. As supplies increase, we will be adjusting purchasing limits.

Due to the high volume of orders coming in, we ask that you be patient as we fill orders. Orders are filled in the order that they are received. Same-day delivery may not be available, so please plan accordingly. We also ask that you eliminate or drastically reduce add-ons to ensure accurate and timely order picking. Please check and recheck your list for completion and that will ensure we get everyone their orders in a timely manner.

We greatly appreciate everyone’s support and understanding as we all march forward during these challenging times!

We wanted to thank Alarm Detection Systems, as they have lent us a couple of their team members to help deliver items! We’ve been with them for many years and appreciate the relationship we share with them! We’ve also had help from Sara, Katie, Catie, and Kymber. Thank you all for helping the team!

Finally, none of what we do could be possible without the amazing team of employees we have. They truly have been working tirelessly to serve the community, and we can’t thank them enough for carrying out the mission we’ve had for 94 years!

Many thanks and Happy Easter to All,
Andy and Beth