April 1st always marks the official end of the snowbird season and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve missed you and we are very happy to see you back walking the aisles of the store and filling up your carts with needed provisions. It seems so long ago that we were baking up that pumpkin pie and setting aside the Christmas roast for you when the 2017 holiday season was merrily upon us. Shortly after the last verse of auld lang syne, things quieted down considerably and those us who remained behind did our best to slog through January, February and March, eager for the first sign of new life, for the first sign of Spring. As far as Midwest winters go, it really was nothing remarkable.

As expected, we had our spell of deep arctic cold for several days and there were a few snow storms, where seeing over the snow piles on the side of the driveway were a challenge. In general, however, you didn’t miss too much of the excitement in Florida, Arizona, or whatever warm hideaway you escaped to.

Well, we hope that you are back home in good health and we couldn’t be more pleased to see you. In fact, we decided to celebrate your return this week and we are inviting all of our customers in on the treat. Watch your mail box for a postcard from us inviting you to come in and stock up your refrigerator and cabinets, and in the process earn the ingredients for a free breakfast. That’s right, you can earn a free dozen eggs, a carton of Simply orange juice, and a pound of Boar’s Head bacon.

So, once again all you snowbirds, welcome home, and thanks for bringing back a breath of Springtime warmth with you.