Over the past several years we have made attempts to expand the amount of organic foods that we offer in each department. I have to say that it has been a difficult task for a number of reasons… For example, consider the following facts that are associated with foods that carry the USDA Organic moniker:

  1. By definition, organic foods are raised naturally so they contain no un-natural preservatives which means that many items have a relatively short shelf life.
  2. Couple that with the fact that organic products are more expensive to produce, and the certification process makes them more difficult to bring to market cost effectively.
  3. There has always been confusion on the part of the general public as to what the term organic means versus natural, or non-GMO.
  4. In the case of organic produce, the non-use of chemical fertilizers often means that the produce will not be perfectly shaped, so no perfectly round tomatoes or shiny, flawless apples. Unfortunately, for most consumers food appearance means more that taste or nutritional content.

So, you can sum up the hurdles to selling organic foods in a sentence: Organics are expensive, somewhat confusing, and need to sell quickly in order to remain fresh. For all these reasons, Prisco’s and other food retailers have had lots of pushes to support a wider organic assortment only to be faced with the need to pair back when sales cannot be sustained.

The truth is, we as food purveyors see the value and need to support organic food and we are determined to do all we can to help educate our customers on the benefits of organic food. We will continue to offer more organic items at affordable prices in the hopes that our customers who value organic foods continue to seek them out and purchase them. I’d encourage you to continue reading this week’s blog, which provides a list of 10 great reasons to pick up more organic food every time that you shop.  

Oh, one more thing, we recently added several new organic items to our dairy department and in order to encourage folks to try them, we are offering a bonus of 50 Prisco’s Bonus Points on over a dozen different items including milk, eggs, butter, sour cream, creamers, and cottage cheese. Look for signs in our dairy department.

From our family to yours, Happy Easter. We will be open Easter for your convenience but on a shorter schedule so that our employees may spend time with their families. Easter Sunday our hours will be from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.


– Andy