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Will it be Ham or Lamb?

For some holidays it's a foregone conclusion as to what the main entree will be. For Thanksgiving who doesn’t have a turkey as the main meat? And, of course, it would not be St. Patrick’s Day without corned beef...and just about everyone serves burgers and brats for their July 4th BBQ. Easter, however, is a different animal (literally) all together.

Here in the US, most families serve ham but there is also a pretty large contingent of folks that have traditionally served a spring lamb as their main course for Easter Brunch or dinner.

By far the largest number of us will be eating some form of ham this Easter, but if your lineage is from central Europe near the Mediterranean, chances are your famly eats lamb for Easter. For a number of reasons, lamb has never caught on in the US where we eat on average less that a pound of it per year compared to Australia, another New World colony where lamb is one of the most commonly served meats with Australians consuming over 20 lbs. per year.

If you go back 150 years or so when our economy was much more agrarian-based, hogs were raised and slaughtered in the fall. What wasn’t eaten immediately had to be smoked and cured over the winter, and spring was the ideal time to go to the smokehouse and get a ham to serve at Easter dinner. Of course, in those days you served a whole ham and the ham was too large to consume in one meal. You’d have a number of ham dinners, ham salads, ham sandwiches and, eventually, ham and split pea soup. There is an old farmer’s saying that the definition of eternity is two people and a whole ham.

Regardless of your families’ tradition, we are prepared to supply you with the best quality ham or lamb for your Easter brunch or dinner, and we’ve also got all the timings to make it a memorable meal for all to enjoy.