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Need help in the Kitchen? Call on us!

I have little time to chit-chat today...Actually, no, that’s not true, I have absolutely NO time to chit-chat today, but I thought it was important to get the word out to those of you who may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with your holiday preparations. If you want to take some of the pressure off yourself, I’d encourage you to give us a call or stop in the store and ask for some help with some of the hard-to-do or perhaps mundane (but still time consuming) tasks required to get a Christmas dinner on the table.

For example, why peel and boil potatoes or make stuffing or cranberry relish when we can do it for you, saving time and mess and giving you more time to work on important menu items? Other popular Christmas items include Grandma Prisco’s homemade lasagna in three varieties, our homemade meatballs and homemade pulled pork, and Grandpa Tony’s homemade Italian beef. Thinking about desserts? We have a wide assortment of sweets, including cookies, pies and cakes. Appetizers are easily taken care of with one each of our shrimp cocktail, cheese and antipasto trays. Don’t forget to check out Bridget’s assortment of brie and other classic gourmet cheeses to serve before or after dinner with your favorite wine.

Are we busy? You bet we are, but only because of great customers like you, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit; we'll put our heads together to see how we can make this Christmas dinner one you will enjoy and fondly remember.

As I close out now and head back to our kitchen, I do want to add one final thought. From my kids, Andy, Bridget and Jacquie, myself and all the rest of the Prisco & Guzauskas families and our employees, we would like to thank you, our loyal Prisco’s customers, for counting on us year after year to provide your family with the food that you will share on this most special holiday.


Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to all.