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It’s A Good Time to Enjoy Hearty, Healthy Meal Options

The holidays have come and gone, and some of us feel a sense of disappointment at their passing...or perhaps regret. The stress and anxiety of preparation are behind us, which is a relief, but taking down the decorations is never as fun as putting them up. The thought of another three months of cold, snowy weather are also weighing on our spirits - unless you are a skier or snow plow driver.

Of cou­rse, the other thing most of us have to face after the holidays is the fact that a portion of all of that holiday cheer and good tasting food is now sitting around our waistlines and other places, stubbornly refusing to go away. Everyone knows that exercise will help move the scale in the right direction, but it’s insane to put on your coat and boots and head out for a lively jaunt when the temperature is below zero even without any wind chill. I do have a friend who received a new Fit-Bit for Christmas and he claims it’s motivated him to go out and walk a couple miles several times a week, but knowing him as I do, I think the newness of the Fit-Bit will wear off soon.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there is plenty of light at the end of this tunnel and we all need to be encouraging to each other. If we are supportive, getting through the remainder of winter is certainly manageable and better days are on the horizon. As we put together the store’s specials for these first few weeks of January, we tried to come up with a number of featured items that will do a good job of supporting a healthy diet; expect reasonable amounts of calories, and lots of foods that work well to keep us warm and energized on these very cold, sub-freezing days.

Some of my favorites are basic, simple things that I remember my mom - and her mom before her - cooking to fill our home with good smells and great tastes. Things like meatloaf, beef stew, chuck roasts, pasta and warm, homemade chili. You will find all of these items plus some new healthy suggestions in this week’s ad. For example, have you tasted our homemade super-food salad or our kale orzo salad? How about the pre-grilled and marinated chicken breasts in our deli?

I’d also encourage you to visit our new specialty cheese case and pick up one or two imported cheeses and a bottle of wine to pair with them. What a great way to spend an evening sitting in front of a roaring fire. (Don’t worry if you don’t happen to have a fireplace. It’s a nice option but definitely not required to enjoy the cheese and wine.)


Stay warm and healthy, Spring arrives March 20th.