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After Two Months, Prisco’s Points are Getting Lots of Play

In mid-November we launched our new customer appreciation program, commonly referred to as "Prisco’s Points". Like with anything new, we were uncertain how our customers would react to this rewards program, but it appears that any concerns we might have had at first were ill founded. Shoppers have openly embraced the program as literally thousands of you have taken 5 seconds to register by providing your checker with your cell phone number. Since the program launched November on 8th, we have given away just under 1.5 million points and about 500,000 points have been redeemed for cash rewards or free or deeply discounted merchandise. The beauty of the program is that it’s designed to be a win-win-win for everyone.

Our suppliers are happy that so many of our customers are participating and purchasing their featured products. Eventually this news spreads to other suppliers and as they realize that this is such a great way to offer rewards to shoppers who buy their products, more rewards on more products will become available.

Our customers are enjoying the fact that it’s easy to earn points because every dollar spent earns a point, and many items throughout the store offer bonus points if you purchase them. For example, January is our biggest month to sell soup thanks to the cold weather. This week and next, for every can of Progresso Classic Vegetable soups you purchase your account grows by 75 points. At the same time, the dozens of varieties of red and white Campbell’s soups will earn another 30 Prisco’s Points for each can. A shopping trip this week for just $30 that includes two cans of Progresso Vegetable Classic soup, four cans of red and white Campbell’s soups and one 18 oz. box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes will provide you with 500 points.

This month, for as few as 300 points you can take home either a FREE 24 oz. loaf of Village Hearth Cottage Bread or a FREE 9 to 12 oz. bag of Dole Salad. With this order totaling 500 points, you will earn more than enough points to select a 4 oz. bag of a local favorite, Coffee Drop Coffee or a 4 lb. bag of juicy delicious California Navel oranges.

That’s what I mean by winning. In this case you spend just $30 on basic groceries that you would need anyway and go home with a FREE food item worth as much as $5.

Earlier I explained that the Prisco’s Points program is a win for our suppliers and a win for our customers, and I am pleased to say it appears to be a win for our store as well. In today’s tough economic environment where we directly compete with some of the largest corporate retail food companies in the world as well as online food competitors, it’s nice to finally have a small victory where we are able to compete on a slightly more level playing field. Because our customers are able to earn such high value rewards effortlessly, they are beginning to spend a larger portion of their annual grocery budget with us. Of course it goes without saying that we can’t for one second take our eye off those tangibles that really define us as a local independent family food store; freshness, quality, outstanding customer service, and lots of delicious homemade specialties in our meat and deli departments.

In closing, we hope that you are finding benefit in the Prisco’s Points program, we thank you for your loyalty and we encourage you to stay tuned as we continue to roll out new program benefits in the near future.